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I just finished the book on Monday and watched the film on Wednesday. This is a terrible adaptation, there is no other way to describe it. I cannot believe it is so well received among fans. Everything is just....wrong. Plot points are smoothed over, changed, or just removed completely, even the major ones. Why was this movie even made if it was geared towards a cable tv audience? It is disgusting!

The characters, adult and child versions, are WAY off, child Bill barely stutters! The introductions of all the adult characters, and Mike calling them, was so awful that I had to look away in disgust. Ben Hanscom get's sloshed in a limo, lives in a New York penthouse, and has some lady following him around? Bill Denborough has a Padawan Jedi mullet, he's not tall? Bev Marsh's husband is some skinny GQ model who get's knocked out cold by a face cream container, while drinking champagne?! Eddie looks like he is in A Flock of Seagulls? Richie is hosting a gameshow and has a stache....I haven't even got to Pennywise yet....

Why does Pennywise talk like he's a New York cab driver who chain smokes cigars? The voice is way off. Tim Curry's performance is all over the map as well. One minute he is pulling off the menacing/sweet mix who seems very inviting, the next he's just acting like a bafoon in some dive bar with that terrible accent and "evil" face. It's absolutely absurd! At one point I actually considered that Tim was just copying the ghost cabbie from 'Scrooged' mixed with Freddy Krueger.

My only hope is someone can come along and produce an adaptation that is faithful to the source and captures the essence of Stephen King's vision. Hopefully some one adapts for a premium channel like HBO or Showtime, or makes a two-part R rated film. I feel bad for all those who have only seen the movie, and think this is the actual story of "It."
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