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CJ has been a good pitcher for the us. But he a knack for losing playoff games. 0-3 in World Series games.
Well he'll be the 3rd starter for the Angels (behind Weaver and Santana), so he'll have more favorable matchups.

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Bear in mind, the Angels' line-up is still full of question marks. Who knows if Hunter and Wells have anything left in the tank? Surely, they can score enough runs to coast deep into the postseason, but let's wait and see.

I'm not 100% sure why Prince Albert would want to walk away from the World Champions. He doesn't seem like the type to chase dollar signs. Are two years that big of a deal?
The Cardinals' offer was an insult. It was only 8 years, and the annual salary would've made Pujols the 4th highest paid player at his position (he would've been behind Tex, Howard, and Gonzalez). In all likelihood, once Prince signs, the offer from the Cards would've made Pujols the 5th highest paid player at his position. He's the best player in baseball.

He won multiple MVPs and 2 rings. He already gave the Cards a break with his last deal. They owed it to him to lock him down, and they couldn't do it. I don't blame him at all. I think he did the right thing.
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