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I can understand audiences who felt the finale copped out of the building tensions, but I like the model and I'm really impressed with this show. The model being, the way to mount these dramas is to continue introducing tensions without definitively resolving those tensions. It bottles everything up. The show isn't ending, and keeping Clay alive despite everything makes the dramatic situations more intense and more dire, and that's the key. I don't mean to drama 101 out on a messageboard, but the model in Sons and Shield is really impressive and really engaging. The characters get into deeper and deeper holes without falling into absurdity, and each time the show dodges a Big Relief like Clay dying, Jack exacting revenge, the cartel business going through, Tara leaving- they are bottling up more and more, serving later seasons without letting the wind out of the sails. It's exactly what the Shield did, and one of the reasons the Shield somehow lasted seven seasons without its dramatic plotting going over the top.

The show did not disappoint this season, which was my opposite expectation after the first handful of episodes.
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