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I haven't read the long posts above, so I'm probably repeating things.

Plasma handles blacks as well as or better than LCD/LED (which are the same thing, essentially). Newer LCD TVs have a level that's comparable to the quality of a great plasma, though. It's to the point where even heavily discerning videophiles will have a hard time noticing the difference in color reproduction/quality.

Plasma cons:
typically heavier
use more energy

Better handling of "natural" framerates. 24 frames per second plays more naturally than an LCD
Cheaper, especially in quality versus price range. But there are gems and duds from either side of the fence.
Don't need that annoying "smoothvision" crap that gives me a headache on LCDs. Some would see this as a con. Plamsas aren't reliant on matching frames with the refresh rate (such as 24 frames per second being impossible on a 60/120hz TV because it isn't perfectly divisible, meaning frames need to be added to make 60 frames per second).

As for burn-in; like others said it's not a big deal these days. You will see "image retention", where a static image will temporarily ghost on the screen. However, it's difficult to cause actual "burn in". It's about as likely as a CRT TV back in the day, which rarely occurred.
For the first 200 hours, just make sure you have constantly moving pictures on the screen, and keep everything FULL SCREEN until those 200 hours have passed. That's the most time-critical moment in avoiding burn in.
I use my plasma with my PC plugged in. To help with reducing burn in, I have my desktop rotating pictures in my pictures folder every 10 seconds; I hide the desktop icons and right-click view them only when I need something (or open explorer which is even lazier); and I reduced my START menu to only be viewed when I move my mouse cursor over it. That way, the screen is always refreshing images and nothing is static except my web page (which I move around the screen every few minutes).

Other than that... I honestly like plasma TVs more than LCD. I have been looking around for a new TV for a year from now, and I am still leaning towards a plasma. LED/LCD kind of get on my nerves.

In the end, look at ANYTHING within your price range, tweak settings to your liking and just go with what you can afford and what will make you happy.

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