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No love for an amazing finale? Leave it to the too often absent 'Pac to swoop in and give the rare bump up the ladder for an overlooked gem, but it's for a good cause, so here we are.

Anyway, I wasn't entirely sure till now, but all due respect to Cranston and Buscemi as the leading favorites, I'm rooting for a Damian Lewis win at the Globes. That whole bunker scene was the apex of intensity, beautifully choreographed to maximize suspense and emotion, and just really well done all around. Couldn't say enough about it. Lewis's performance was fantastic throughout the season, but that sequence cinched it for me, and hell, I wouldn't be disappointed by a Danes victory either, though she'll be going up against my girl Enos from The Killing... and on that one, I'm torn.

It's looking to be a hell of a Season 2...
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