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Just set my new tv up today. Man I'm getting a hardon just looking it.

Got my picture in full screen mode (zoom). Watching movies with subtitles is going to be a pain but I'll cope.
Don't worry about that. You don't HAVE to have fullscreen viewing 100% of the time for the first 200 hours.
A couple/few hours here and there will not be a problem at all. Switch things up a bit. After a 2-hour movie NOT in fullscreen, make your next show something that DOES fill up the screen.

Here's an extreme example of improper initial break-in of a plasma:

A friend of mine got a plasma for his parents. They plugged it in, and left the grey bars on the sides because all they did was watch television. They never once watched anything fullscreen, so a couple months later he went back and saw their TV; it was ruined because they weren't taking proper care of it. The unused sides of the screen that the standard TV ratio doesn't need were burned in.

This is an uncommon scenario, though.
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