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Lol, the first one is just silly and unreal, but this is a student film and you've never touched a cam before in your life so that comes to pass. At least it's not totally amateur. Plus the ADR is too obvious and not exactly perfect. Maybe pay more attention to syncing it up, as well as maybe using some post work on the voice so it doesn't sound completely "studio" - maybe add some 'atmosphere' to your sound track, like background noise - distant horns, etc..depending on your location.

The second one, I dig the simplicity of one shot and letting the action unravel with the addition of the fosset running, sort of adding tension. I can understand since you guys shot on film you probably had limited supply of it so you had to do it all in one take, correct me if I'm wrong - cause it comes off not 'smooth' enough and noticeable with the small fuckups like the dude holding that door open for a bit so it doesn't close - and the attacker obviously not connecting his punches heh.

But overall, for a first time filmmaker it's not too bad. Props, keep it up yo!
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