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I'm interested in hearing your reaction to those two. Some love one and hate the other. Some think War Horse is offensively sentimental and very manipulative and think Extremely Loud presents scenes in a genuine way and let the audience decide what to react to. I've also heard the complete opposite. It brings up an interesting as to what sentimentality and manipulation truly are. We all know the basic definitions, but it seems that everyone has their own interpretation as to what they actually mean.

I just finished the novel for Extremely Loud and I have to say, while the kid did get irritating in spots (though it is hard to blame him), I quite enjoyed it overall. I didn't find it to be nearly as sappy as I expected, and really enjoyed the honesty that the main character brought to the table. There were only a few spots where I felt the author was telling me to feel something.
I just wrote about War Horse in the thread and talked a lot about the questions you brought up here.
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