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I'm still buying quite a few of the titles. I'm just not caught up on all of them (Action, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Animal Man).

The ones I am read up on, like Flash, I would definitely agree with you EvilHomer, that book is very over written. I'm not sure what Manupul is going for sometimes. Definitely doesn't feel like a Flash book as I've ever read, but it's decent.

I bought and read up all the way to #4 on Detective Comics, written and drawn by Tony Daniel. I'm through with that title, as Daniel's writing is godawful and his first arc went nowhere. The art was nice but I'm really shocked DC would let TD write a book like Detective, as his ideas are rather stale.

Likewise, I read up to #4 on Simone's Batgirl. It was a decent title with decent art and writing, but I'm cutting that book loose as well.

Snyder and Capullo's Batman is still really good, though I've only read up to #3. That book and Batman and Robin--both really ambitious titles that actually feel like they're taking the Bat-mythos in new and interesting directions.

I'm only up to #3 on Justice League, but was very entertained by that issue, which focused on Wonder Woman.

Still liking Justice League Dark, even though the story feels like it's building and building. Not sure where they're going with it, but the art is fantastic and there's a good dynamic between the characters.

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