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Pointless? On the contrary! Using your environment is an integral part of mis-en-scene. Look at movies that use that cleverly (The Searchers, Citizen Kane, Almodovar films) and compare to movies that don't use it at all because their environments are completely fake and the cinematography entirely bland and uninspired (Star Wars prequels).

I'd need to look at them again to tell you about silence.

And that's cool that you did the summer program! May I ask who your professor was? And did you take it first or second session? I know a lot of kids who took Sight & Sound over the summer as well; maybe you encountered them in your class!
I took it with Arnie Baskin in the second session.

So using mis-en-scene is very good then? I really dont' see those angles anymore in today's film (Although "Let the Right One in" had plenty), so I dont know if its faded out in a bad way
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