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Just like I said before but at least they showed movies. What's the point of a channel having an identity anymore? If they would just fess up and change their name perhaps another new basic cable station would launch that actually only airs classic movies like their name advertises. Or at least AMC should split into 2 networks, one just for shows the other just for movies. Again this has nothing to do with how good their shows are.
AMC hasn't stood for "American Movie Classics" in a long time. When was the last time you saw or heard "American Movie Classics" on the network. They only go by AMC. While AMC may have stood for that when it started, it no longer does.

I at least respected the network for starting several original series that received great reviews, word-of-mouth, and strong fan bases. But when I saw they were going to start syndicating "CSI: Miami," I was extremely disappointed; it's like they're selling out.
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