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I am embarassed to admit that I had completely forgotten about the teaser until now (the holiday has been extremely stressful), but now that I've seen it, I CANNOT wait. It looks every bit as good as I thought it would, though I was surprised they kept that dwarven song (though it was well done). For me, this is particularly special as it was the LOTR trilogy that got me interested in films in general. I agree with Bourne's point about PJ taking his time with this and the LOTR films, as it really shows.

Man, 2012 is going to be loaded when it comes to films. Between blockbusters like this and TDKR, as well as award-caliber films like Lincoln (to name just a handful of awesome-looking films), it looks like 2012 will have something for everyone. If the world does end, at least we will go out in style film-wise.
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