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I have always been kind of annoyed that a movie called Halloween did not have enough to do with Halloween the holiday. I find the Halloween franchise nostalgic and have a blast watching any of them and respect their place in horror movie history but they aren't my favorite. However Halloween III speaks to my inner child that screams for more movies that have all to do with Halloween the holiday like Trick r Treat. It's the only movie in the franchise that is actually a "Halloween" movie. How many damn Christmas movies come out every year and we get a couple rare gems over the last couple of decades that do Halloween justice. I personally would love to see more movies like Halloween III.
I agree, (although I do love the other Halloweens) and that was a lot of my thesis in opening this Thread. This film is perhaps the most sentimental about the season out of the entire series and shares more with Carpenter's original than some of the other entries in the series. The score and atmosphere is just as much a character as The Shape himself!
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