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Ha, cool, was wondering what happened to you, haha.

Really glad to hear you mention Goblin, Todd Sheets is a friend of mine (and...... there might just be a new ZOMBIE BLOODBATH film.... and you might just be talking to the guy who's co-authoring the screenplay... just maybe. ) He HATES that movie and all of his pre ZB stuff, but I love most of it. My favorite of his is definitely Nightmare Asylum, with the first ZB after that.

Tim Ritter's also a really good friend of mine, he did the TRUTH OR DARE trilogy, KILLING SPREE, etc. Autopsy wrote "Critical Madness" about the first TRUTH. THe 4th movie just got made, Tim credited me as an "Associate Producer" on it... you'll love that when it comes out. So far I've got the only official hoime video copy, the 10 other people have DVD-Rs, heh.

555 just got released on DVD, Louis Justin (a buddy of mine) released it. DO NOT pay 300 bucks for an old VHS. I liek the movie but it is NOT worth that much to see that film.

Splatter Farm, yeah, classic, heh, Mark Polonia's a really nice guy, as is Jon McBride (I make myself known to the SOV directors as you've probably figured out, haha)
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