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Basement is actually Super 8, but I did like it. lighting was horrible in the last couple segments (the last one really suffers due to it, which sucks because that one was by far the most entertaining). I think the zombie segment was pretty boring, but other than that I liked it, and I LOVE that packaging they gave it, with the super duper big box, ha. Plus I'm glad to finally have a DVD copy of CANNIBAL CAMPOUT that doesn't make my palyer have a shitfit (I guess that one had encoding issues, along with WOODCHIPPER MASSACRE)

Yeah, a lot of great people in the SOV horror biz, heh. Tim Ritter's definitely the best, one of my really good friends for sure, plus he passed my name out for screenwriting duties when one of his buddies announced the remake of DAY OF THE REAPER, Tim's first flick. Wrote the script a little under a year ago, and apparently it continues filming sometime this summer, in case you're interested. First real script I ever wrote.

As for the new ZB flick, it might be a bit, TOdd's insanely busy at his day job, which is working at his radio station... but it's coming. And you'll love the ZB flicks!!

TOdd told me that Goblin was shot twice, he was really pissed about how it came out the first time so he shot it again.... and he still hated it, haha. I'm pretty convinced that they tried to make a straight slasher film at first (and with the, uh, LACK of anything resembling a goblin in most of the kill scenes....) then he threw something together about a goblin at the last second, haha. I LOVE that part where you see it's a guy wearing a white T shirt squeezing that one dude's brain out of his ear, haha.

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