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interesting fact about the film...

(1) Milla Jovovich tweeted that Paul had a big surprise about the origin of her character Alice Abernathy*. Fans say that she might be one of Ozwell Spencer's "Wesker Children" .
*The last name for Alice was never fully announced.

(2) El Gigante from 'Resident Evil 4(vG)' confirmed for 'Retribution'

(3) Colin Salmon as James "One" Shade

(4)In a recent interview, Paul Anderson revealed that the Las Plagas will be in the parasite form in the films. He even went into further detail talking about a scene replicated from Resident Evil 5; the survivors are in a car chase driving a Rolls Royce rather than a Hummer from the game while Plaga infected individuals armed with machine guns on motorcycles are chasing them.

more to come...

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