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43% of Republicans? I wonder how many Democrats.

I don't hate Tim Tebow. I hate everyone's, especially the media's, obsession with him. He's not the first Christian to to play sports, to thank God after scoring a goal/TD/home run/whatever, nor is he the first to thank God during a press conference or awards show. He might be the one who flaunts his love of God and Jesus the most, however. Because of this, people praise the Lord every time he scores and/or the Broncos win . . . no matter how shitty his stats are, and they've been pretty bad. Every time he loses, they keep their mouths shut and the haters have their day to shine.

I'm sure Tebow is a great guy; I've read all the good things he does before football games, about his charity work, and meeting with fans. He seems like an all around cool, down-to-Earth guy. But the obsessive craziness that follows him everywhere he goes is simply sad.
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