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Past Tense

What if? What if there were nation wide terrorist attacks on America (on the same day)? What would happen in the aftermath? This week we get the tip of a conspiracy in "Jericho"...

"Jericho: The Complete First Season" was released on home video on October 2nd, 2007. A CBS program.

It streeted against "Caligula: Three-Disc Imperial Edition", "The War: A Ken Burns Film" and "Flight Of The Living Dead".

I can not recall if this came with some sort of insert(s). I'll explain in a few...

- - -

Target was the only store which had an exclusive, a bonus DVD (inside a CD envelope). This TV set sold for $33.99.

The bonus is a single program (full screen), "The 2007 William S. Paley Television Festival: Jericho"; recorded on March 13th, 2007. The runtime is 29:15 minutes.

The event was moderated by Craig Tomashoff from TV Guide. In attendance was executive producer Carol Barbee, co-creator Jonathan Steinberg, co-creator Josh Schaer, co-creator/executive producer Stephen Chbosky and stars Skeet Ulrich, Lennie James, Ashley Scott, Pamela Reed and Erik Knudsen.

There were no revelations. It was various general questions.

- - - - - - - - - -


The show lasted two seasons, a total of twenty-nine episodes. It was killed twice due to poor ratings - Twice! Not many series can say that. The finale has closure to the main story line, but leaves the door wide open for America's second civil war.

For those who don't know...

"Jericho" told the story of the end of the world. The small Kansas town of Jericho find themselves cut off from the rest of the planet after an unprecedented terrorist attack; twenty-three simultaneous nuclear detonations across America. The residents have to deal with the fallout, lack of news, limited supplies, immigrants, no electricity after an EMP blast, marauders, war with their neighbor over dwindling resources and the newly formed government; Allied States Of America.

The former country has splt into three; A.S.A (Cheyenne, Wyoming - capital), what remains of the United States on the East Cost (new capital is Columbus, Ohio after Washington was nuked) and Republic Of Texas which seceded (capital is San Antonio, Dallas was obliterated).

As the episodes grow we learn that this attack wasn't by any foreign nation(s), the initial blame was on Iran and North Korea, but from within. We were done in by a hostile, corporate takeover - Jennings & Rall. They're covering their tracks, searching for a smoking gun; one of the nukes didn't explode and it's in Jericho.

I'm not doing it justice, a LOT happens. It was such a big concept and was well played. Seek it out if you haven't.

There was a virtual third season in 2009.

A six issue, comic book mini-series ("Jericho: Civil War") was first released by Devil's Due Publishing (March '09) and later by IDW Publishing, ending its run in June, 2011. Each publisher did three issues. The comic storyline was conceived by the series production team and written by the show's writers. It should pretty much be considered canon. It picked up where the show ended and leads up to the start of the second Civil War. I need to get this.

The issues were collected in a trade paperback from IDW, the graphic novel is 140 pages, released in August, 2011 for $19.99. No new content inside.

It's not the first show to do that; there's a virtual season eight for "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" by series creator Joss Whedon (from Dark Horse Comics).

- - -

I don't have season one anymore. I sold it, but kept the exclusive disc.


Released on June 17th, 2008 (for $84.99) was "Jericho: The Complete Series". This set has all the extras from the individual season releases, plus a bonus disc with additional bonuses. I need to get this. Very recommended. I was attempting to buy it by selling season one, but something came up (bills) and that project fell through. It's still on my list though. I WILL get this box set.

- - -

There is an easter egg on disc 6; featurette, "Jericho At WonderCon" (2007, I believe).

Special Features -> highlight "Main Menu", press right; highlight 'sideview mirror' - ENTER.

- - -

Part III of my "Night Of The Living Dead DVD Retrospective" is up. Give it click.

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