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This is a backhanded defense of the guy, but pinpointing tells in language (cunt whore cow bitch) only works if the person has a varied vocabulary, since the insinuation is that certain words are being picked from a wide range of possible words. A lot of the posters who tend towards this stuff don't really show much variation to begin with when they're posting on the gossip forums. They can have a wide vocabulary in real life, and that's the best I can do without condescending to anybody- I'm not meaning it that way, but sure, a lot of posters who make these repetitions of whore or bitch or dick sucking lips or motorboating or I would tap that or whatever, tend to have the same mannerisms everywhere on the boards. People aren't always picking and choosing their words. They're often just echoing. Although it might be good fodder for arguing a larger misogyny in the culture, there are lots of people for whom the first word come to mind when a woman does something unpleasant is 'bitch', while the first word that comes to mind when a man is doing the equivalent is an inequivalence of a less strong 'dickhead' or 'asshole' or something- even if the person doesn't have any stronger feelings towards one or the other, their language naturally shows more avarice towards the female just because the person isn't putting a lot of thought into it and 'echoing' unfortunately means reflecting some institutional prejudices the person might be unaware of.

Maybe that's why the gossip forum tends to get this stuff so often. We are a forum of movie fans, so maybe we post with a lot of thought when talking about movies but get thoughtless in these less important gossipy matters. Maybe that's why, uh. The...


...get it, because mister fantastic is always 'stretching'. Ha. Ah. Ehhh.

I appreciate your commitment to the middle ground and general benefit of the doubt you charitably afford to all, but I don't necessarily think that ignorance or lack of thought going into that ugliness works as an excuse for it. I think it's fair to say it is indicative of a misogynist culture, but I think the only way to improve that is to nip it in the bud and that letting it go when it's this egregious is a sign of tacit approval or at least acceptance that I'm not comfortable with.

We make clear we don't put up with racist, homophobic, or sexist crap and as a touchy P.C. liberal, I find it my duty to call people out on that crap.

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Robyn Moore is NOT entitled to 50% of all of Mel Gibson's future earnings as far as I am concerned. It's NOT her money. That's as simple and plain as I can put it.
I agree completely. I think if she got 50% of his past earnings while they were together, she deserves 0% of his future earnings. Though as Shinigami points out, it's not really "future earnings" in the galling sense, that's misleading.

I never disagreed with you on the substance of that point, but were you were attacking - rather viciously - the wrong target. If what you say is your problem is your problem, then your beef is with California divorce laws not a woman who did nothing wrong here and has given no cause to be degraded as a bitch, cunt, whore, cow, etc.

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Well, he makes an absurd amount of money. He will be fine and she will be fine and squabbling over dollars is, in this case, 'just' a squabbling. The principle of the thing only goes so far. California's divorce laws are lousy and they are still readjusting out of a bygone era- both a time when men were the breadwinners and a later time when equal rights aggressively institutionalized a few exaggerations here and there in favor of balancing the scales, but if anybody's looking at this with a working man's perspective that's the wrong perspective. Most people have probably bumped into that poor sap who was working three jobs just to cover an entitled sum of divorce of child care, and I myself on my own individually just listened to dave foley's story, which is an even worse case of asinine conventions in court and out of court, and how those can ruin a man's life (in this case, commonly a man's a rarely a woman's). But mel gibson can take the blow.

We should try not to insult anybody on offended principles alone, so it's cool to see god of war refocusing to insult the offended legal principle itself, and not the woman who ended up reaping the benefits of it. What he really meant to say was that california's divorce laws are a bitch. Dirty, filthy divorce laws. You like fucking people over, don't you law bitch. Yeah you do. With your whore mouth. Dirty whore mouth!

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