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Assholes who Laugh at Innaproppiate Times

Yeah, another theater rant. I saw Shame the other day and figuring that it was an NC-17 film, I figured I'd be with a mature crowd, uhh, no. Yes audience, that is a penis, they exist. I mainly heard giggles and sighs, is this audience bi-polar or something? The main people getting me upset were a group of girls who got me mad at two points.

The first being
when Fassbender is in the bar talking to the girl telling her that he wants to go down on her and taste her.

One of the girls goes "Haha, wow."

The other part that got me pretty angry was
when Fassbender is in the gay club and has another guy going down on him.

The theater door opens and I hear the girl yell "Woo!", then laugh, then leave. Shut the fuck up you annoying bitch, if you can't take explicit drama seriously, go back to the AMC theater and be annoying there, I'm trying to watch a seriously compelling movie.

That is my main example but there have been other times when people laugh at the wrong moments and makes the theater a lot more awkward. The other example is when I got the brief chance to see Human Centipede 2 in theaters. I get it, that it's a fun-ish movie, but this time, the entire audience was laughing throughout. There are funny moments in the film but, it's not a fuckin' comedy.

Those are just my two prime examples but hopefully you see my point.
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