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You know its funny that you say that. In an earlier post you say you didn't care for RE4 or 5 and want to get back to its roots then say you are looking forward to moving and shooting. I dunno about you but making these games more action (moving while shooting) oriented is taking it further away from its roots

I never minded the stop-aim-shoot style of RE4 and 5. The only ppl who really hated it were the ones who played online and wanted just another FPS death match. In RE5 online you had to think more about how you played since you couldn't just run and gun it.
I want the series to go back to it's atmospheric and cinematic roots, but that doesn't mean I want them to keep dated controls around. The last thing I wanted was another FPS death match, the versus mode was really awful with RE5's control scheme. I just wanted a satisfying survival horror experience, which is what I expect for a Resident Evil game.

The early Resident Evil games played out like an interactive horror movie. Resident Evil 5 was a typical action shooter game, but with a dated control scheme. You had a game that wasn't sure what it wanted to be, tonally, it was shifting towards an action game but the controls really got in the way of the enjoyment of said action. The horror elements were completely absent.

It failed as both an action game and a survival horror game. Dead Space proved that you can have current-generation controls and still have a terrifying game with great atmosphere and a feeling of claustrophobia. Resident Evil 5 proved that Capcom has no idea what to do with the franchise.
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