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Er... I'm just not feeling this argument man. Why can't I want the game to go back to the scary atmosphere and cinematic story-telling but incorporate current-generation controls? How many people have you heard say "Resident Evil needs to go back to what made the first two games so great: the controls!" Video games franchise can evolve and incorporate new game-play elements while still remaining true to the essence of the original games.

The stop-and-shoot style was a lazy cop-out excuse from Capcom on making the game more intense by handicapping the player's ability to move instead of making the game actually scary or more challenging. Dead Space 1 and 2 were very successful and popular survival horror games that allowed more fluid movements while still retaining a scary atmosphere. In those games you still had to think about where you position yourself in rooms and around monsters. Often times you had to make the decision of running to reposition yourself for safer firing. You had to conserve your ammo through use of stasis and telekinesis effects because you would quickly run out of ammo if you played like Rambo.

So don't say you have to use Playstation 1 gameplay mechanics to make a truly scary survival horror experience, because Dead Space has proven that to be incorrect.
Wow, you completely missed what i was getting at. At no point do i say that you have to use the PS1 control style to make the games more scary. I even said "archaic controls aside" which means that i'm not even talking about them. I simply stated that if you wanted to keep closer to the roots of the RE series that making it a run and gun would be a step backwards.

I said nothing about making the game more scary and made several statements about how the controls can play into the intensity or tension of certain situations. I made no connection of scary=old control style.

As to the idea that Dead Space was scary, yeah for maybe the first 10 minutes then it was the same old crap all over again and again. Dead Space was more about shit popping out of corners and screaming at you then any real building of tension. The only time that game got more worrisome was when they tossed in the zero gravity rooms. They did do a good job at limiting your ammo and your general inventory space which was good for adding to the tension though.

RE's scariness was about being in a place with a bunch of monsters that you should be trying to run from more then getting into a fire fight with. Anyone who knows RE2 to have mastered it knows that you can finish some of the play throughs with 200+ bullets spread over your weapons.

But at the end of the day none of these games are in fact "scary". The idea that these games scare the average person is as silly as the idea that the latest horror flick actually scaring ppl. They can startle you, to be sure, but so can any unexpected sudden load noise. What these good games do is build tension and it can be hard to do that if your a near god running around unloading clip after clip into near empty rooms.

Hell the way i see it the more the RE games move towards traditional FPS's then they might as well start making games based on the RE movies
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