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When I saw "Schindler's List" in the theaters, during the scenes when the Jews were being stripped and led the chambers, there was nervous laughter. Not a lot and it wasn't as if people were laughing out of frivolity, but I still remember trying to watch the movie and thinking "WTF? Are people THAT hung up on nudity?"
Reminds me of a story... back in grade school, our teachers took me and a group of friends to see Schindler's List in theaters. I'm guessing they wanted to give us a history lesson, but would you make a group of rowdy 11 year-olds watch a Holocaust film and not expect them to get restless?

There we were, basically keeping our mouths shut and trying to follow a three-hour black and white film, and then came the scene where the family is hiding out from a Nazi patrol inside a house. I remember there was a guy inside the piano who came out thinking the coast was clear, and he stepped on a key and the soldiers shot up the place (I think that's what happened, my memory's vague). One of my friends blurted out, "What a fucking moron!" or something to that effect, and we couldn't help but burst out laughing. We got evil looks from every other patron and detention for a week to boot.
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