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Robert Redford: Hypocrite

I have always enjoyed Redford's movies for the most part but man he is a hypocrite. He calls out the 1% at Sundance during his opening speech....meanwhile he is speaking to a crowd of multimillionaire celebrities surrounded by corporate sponsorship out the ass. Complaining about the 1% while celebrating it at the same time is just amazing. Although not quite as bad as Michael Moore, he should really think before giving speeches condemning a lifestyle he obviously has no problem living in.

If he wants to protest the 1% that is fine but he should really protest it, give his wealth away and get out of Hollywood. End Sundance, or at least pay for it all himself while letting real independent filmmakers in fully sponsored.

Since this topic will have some debate I want it to be known that I have no issue with people protesting the 1% or with most of what has gone down during the Occupy movement. I just have a problem with the man being a hypocrite.
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