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Everyone has the right to protest our government. Are 300 million americans supposed to run for a government position just because they want to get something changed?
Also, running for a government position isn't very effective. Even if you do get elected...
The problem with trying to change a system FROM WITHIN a system, is that you won't change the system. The system will change you...
I disagree. Ask all those Tea Party people. They are mostly reg non politcal people who ran and won.

Redford has plenty of money and time. He is not protesting. He is making statements. he is in the position to do something about things where people like you and me can not. If he really cared, he would run. He can be a mayor like Eastwood or Governor like Arnold or congress like that Nebraska coach.

Lots of regular people run for local government every year. Government is more than just President and congress. Localm State, Federal. Lots of positions to fill. Board of Ed.
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