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Only heard two tracks but yeah Elzhi sounds a lot like Nas so it was a nice tribute. Although I'm thinking he maybe sounds a bit too similar for me to listen to the whole tape without thinking 'why not just listen to Illmatic?'. I'll have to check out The Preface sometime.
Yeah I really want to check out more of The Preface, from what I've heard of it, it's great.
You should check out more of Elmatic though, it's a near masterpiece. It's different enough for me to want to listen to it when i'm in a different kind of mood. But it's supposed to be a remake so there are numerous similarities as well. He sounds pretty similar on a few of the tracks, but he's noticeably different on others. Especially because he uses so much wordplay and punchlines as opposed to Nas who mainly goes for vivid lyrical detail.
The cool thing about Elmatic is that all of the beats have been remade from the ground up. They use the same samples, but in a lot of ways approve upon them. For example, in NY State of mind, the chord changes midway through the verse which is awesome.
Theres also heavier orchestration and a lot of live instrumentation. One love has awesome remaking of the beat. Lifes a Bitch has an awesome ending where it plays the song of the original sample. Awesome.
And theres a lot of other awesomeness to be had with it.
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