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I'm not sure they deserve the kind of money they are asking for, but hey this franchise is a cash cow and a third entry is almost guaranteed AT LEAST $200 mil. domestic (the sequel made $254 mil. in the US and a whopping $320 mil. in foreign markets.) so who can really blame them? Is it excessive? Yes, but I am willing to wager that if someone offered any of us $15 million to do something we love, JoBlo would have the wealthiest online community around. As far as the actual movie goes I am in the minority, as I fairly enjoyed the first one upon release (less and less each viewing,) but actually rather liked Part 2 much much more and had no qualms getting down with its dark streak. If Part 3 can keep the tone of Part 2 while somehow finding a way to keep the proceedings feeling fresh, then I am up for one more go. I'll wait for trailers and reviews to think more about it beyond that.
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