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Nick Stahl arrested for stiffing cab driver

Nick Stahl found himself a little short on cash Friday night when his cab driver told him his bill was $84 ... so then Nick Stahl found himself arrested, TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... when Stahl arrived at his destination, he told the cab driver he just didn't have the cash or credit to pay the fare. We're told the cabbie then flagged down a nearby officer, and Nick was arrested.

Stahl was booked at 8:52 AM on Friday and was not released until 3:42 PM the next day, after posting $500 bail.

I'm a fan of his(and wish he would get better roles) but thats a dick move on his part. If he knew he didn't have the money he shouldn't of got in the cab in the first place. And while it was a pricey fare, he should of easily been able to pay for it (with all his direct to DVD movie paychecks)

Oh and if you haven't seen Carnivale I suggest you do so. One of the most underrated HBO shows.
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