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Well I'll be dipped in rancid shit, welcome back Carmen! Good to hear from you again.

I've found that the main 'bad' SOV flicks are the newer ones, simply because it's about fucking IMPOSSIBLE for your movie NOT to get out there in some fashion. Grab one of those Pendulum 50 packs (which just so happen to feature some of Todd Sheets' early work, like GOBLIN) and you'll see what I'm talking about. Don't get me wrong, some of the 80's SOVs are absolute fucking PIG SHIT (Both of CHester N. Turner's movies, even though I like them.... just not good filmmaking at all) but some of these new ones.... FUNGICIDE.... SUMMER OF THE MASSACRE (the 2004 movie).... BACK WOODS (BARF!!!!).... holy fucking ass.... the former 'bad' SOVs were NEVER as bad as THESE can be.... though, occasionally, there is indeed a gem, like DR. SHOCK'S TALES OF TERROR, or BLACK ICE, or CARVER for a more popular example.

Also, pretty sure LONG ISLAND CANNIBAL MASSACRE was shot on Super 8 (If that's the movie you meant, DD). Didn't know that Video Dead was SOV. Haven't seen it, had a million chances to buy a used VHS of it when I was 13...

Oh yeah - anyone ever seen VAMPIRE HUNTER? Or something like that. Mid 90's video movie, it was on one of those Pendulum packs. The sound is absolutely, goddamned, motherfucking HIDEOUS. Everybody sounds like a robot having an orgasm or something, hahahahaha!
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