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Thanks for explaining

Wife-y thing... (or hubby-y, for that matter)
..don't mean to meddle,
but don't you hate it when you are single, have a serious hobby,
nothing interferes with it.
You go on your merry way, buy what you love and even have a respect from your peers,

certainly I am SO impressed with some of the collections - and I am 54yo biddy, (probably not even a peer!)
let me disclose this top secret bit.

I like these figurines and posters, too.

Then you get married, and you are expected to stop, or worse, throw it into a bin?
So where these people have their eyes when they meet you?
anyhoo. certainly don't mean it as the grounds for divorce, oh no, no.

But geez, wife hates it??? she should be proud, man.

She probably would hate me too, as i collect books and have probably close to 1500. I started collecting books in my childhood and never stopped.
So at one point I had to choose - either books, or something else and I chose books.
But the idea of collecting is the same so I so get you guys.

Keep on collecting, you're amazing and so are your collections!!!

a few days ago there was this HBO docu about "the best worst movies",
and it was about Troll II. I never saw it, but it looks like it some kind of a cult movie.
Suppose a must in every collection
If you don't already have it, go get it!

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