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Hawaii Five O in NAME only.

Dont know if a thread of this has been made since this is its second season on air but I saw a couple of episodes of this pathetic new show and the producers of this show should be shot for such a montrocity.Doesnt even resemble the old classic show at all.Jack Lord is the one and only Steve Mcgarret.this guy is a phony wanna be imposter.Hollywood is really getting desperate and running out of ideas obviously.Those of you who were not around back then and never saw the classic 70's show,count your blessings.

You have no idea how they redid and ruined such a classic tv show.Its disgusting they would even try to redo such a great classic show.I was telling a coworker of mine how outraged I was over this and he wasnt around back then so he had never seen it and thats what I told him,that he is lucky to not know how they have ruined such a classic.

Hollywood is not only ruining classic movies these days with pathetic remakes but they are NOW ruining classic tv shows as well.

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