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**SPOILER** Resident Evil Retribution Plot Longer Synopsis


Clearly shaken, she tells Ada, “I know her. Her name was Rain…But how can she be here? She died years ago.” Ada tells Alice that the undead she killed was just a clone – Umbrella has created clones to test their viral weaponry on. They have more clones of Rain, and even have some of Alice herself.
(PART 2)Meanwhile, Luther, Leon and Sergei are getting closer to Alice when they encounter Lickers, a nasty looking, but feeble form of undead with razor sharp teeth and a long slithering tongue. Though the smaller Lickers are easy to defeat, an Uber-Licker advances on them, using its amazing strength and speed to rip Sergei clean in half. Leon and the others open fire, but their bullets do nothing to stop it. The Uber-Licker is face to face with them when he is suddenly illuminated by a vehicle’s headlights approaching.
(PART 3) Though Alice knows that Becky is just a clone of her daughter, she can’t help but go after her, even if it means fighting the Uber-Licker one-on-one. With only minutes remaining before the facility explodes, will Alice be able to save Becky and make it back to the surface alive? Can Luther and his team succeed in delivering a critical blow to the Umbrella Corporation?

CONFIRMATION: It is in fact REAL! There are details that were left out of course, and some things in the synopsis have been changed/altered/improved during production.

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