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Hey, I know he played terrible. But I do believe he would have had a pretty solid year if the NFL had a normal offseason and he was picked up in March...and the Vikings letting Sidney Rice walk in free agency was extremely stupid as well. Young is awful though, his throwing motion is atrocious and when he did get snaps this year, for the most part he was taken down very easily in the open field unlike in college and his first few seasons with the Titans. I'm just curious, what do you see in Young that he has more upside than Vick?
It is not that Young has more upside so much as I just really think Vick is just the worst QB. When all is said and done, I think Young has more ability to play the position at a higher level. His problem is his head. Think AJ Burnett of the Yankees. The sad part is many QBs like Vick, Young and Tebow never seem to continue to learn the position and grow much. It really does take most players 3 to 4 years to develop. Vick never developed properly.
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