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One of these names does not belong in your comment. It's completely ridiculous to say Tebow doesn't continue to learn the position when he literally has 1 full season under his belt and will be going into his first off season in which he gets to work with the people who can help him improve. I get that people got tired of the Tebowmania shit, Im a huge Broncos and Tebow fan and I got a bit fed up with the media for it, but for godsake give the guy a break. He works harder than almost anyone else in the league, and it would be foolish to write him off. Hopefully this time next year he will have proved that he can improve with the short timing routs and reading coverages, then the sky is the limit.
I understand where you are coming from, but if you read through the rest of the thread, I have been a supporter of Tebow. He is young and needs to improve a lot. He needs time. You may not have liked the context, but he did not improve much from last year when throwing the ball. I did not say read defenses. I said throwing the ball. He should have gotten better on that small point by now.
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