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Blockbuster's Dying Last Gasp.... SUCKS!

So this is regarding one of the few Blockbuster retail chain stores that's left out here in the Phoenix area.... Obviously we all know by now they've all been closed pretty much throughout the country in favour of the Blockbuster rental kiosks to compete with other similar things like Red Box, etc.

Alright, so I was driving around the other day and saw a "Store closing - Everything must go sale" at one of the few Blockbuster stores I've seen remaining. For some odd reason, I see a "closing: this location only" sign - which made absolutely NO sense whatsoever to me.... Because wouldn't it be ALL fucking locations closing?

Anyway, that's beside the point. So I go in expecting to find many DVD's and Blu-Ray discs for sale at reasonable liquidation type pricing (maybe some DVD's priced from say $3-$7 or so) and maybe some Blu-Rays slightly a bit more right? Well they certainly DID have plenty of Blu's and DVD's for sale - but they were all for the same price (and it was absolutely NOT low whatsoever) of $12.99!!!!

WHAT THE FUCK BLOCKBUSTER?!?! I mean REALLY? Not only is that WAY too fucking high of a price for used fucking DVD's (Blu-Ray's I can understand to a point, but have found many below that price at Pawn stores and other places) - But it was all the way across the board. There was not ONE Blu-Ray or DVD to be found for sale in that store that was under $12.99. Un-fucking-believable!

And it wasn't even NEW movies either... Why the FUCK would I pay $12.99 for a 3 1/2 year old Dark Knight DVD when I can pay about $5 at my local record/dvd store? I mean you're going outta business and you're trying to sell off all of your fucking shit in your store "everything must go!" the signs said.... Well good luck on that fucking bullshit, cuz I laughed, shook my head and walked the fuck outta there. I mean honestly, who in the FUCK thought that would be a good fucking idea anyway?

Jesus fucking hell Blockbuster - I KNEW there was a reason I never liked you in the first place. Good fucking riddance, and may your shitty rental kiosks go under as well, ya fucking greedy cunts!

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