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Here is why The Giants will win.

I hate the Cheatriots because Belecheck is so freaking over rated.Without Tom Brady he is nothing.Brady resurrected his career.His first year in New England when he had Drew Bledsoe as his starting quarterback he had a losing season,then Brady came on and the rest is history. Also being objective and getting past my hatred of the patriots,this is why I think the Giants will win as well.

I see The Giants winning this from the patriots again.This team is just like that team from 2007,coming on strong at the end of the season and playing well when it needed to to get into the playoffs.Their defense is looking great and that will be too much for tom brady to handle.Three other reasons I expect the giants to win.

1.they own the patriots beating them when they were previously unbeaten in the superbowl four years ago and this year on the road at foxboro and they did not have one of their first string receivers then or their featured running back either due to injurys.this time they have them both and that will be too much for the suspect pats defense to handle.

2.The patriots have not played a GOOD football team in the playoffs yet.The Broncos? what a joke.Teabow has been exposed that when he faces a GOOD team,he is a horrible quarterback. and come on the Ravens with Joe Flacco at quarterback? get serious.that team will never get to the superbowl with flacco at quarterback. Plus more than anything,The Patriots shouldnt be there in the superbowl.

People can blame the loss all they want on the ravens kicker but even if he makes that field goal all that does is send them into overtime which guaranteed them nothing.It never should have come down to that kick.That reciever in the end zone dropped a pass that was knocked out of his arms that a GOOD receiver would have hung on to so since the ravens are the team that should be there and really are the better team defensively,the pats have finally met their match.

3.this game is going to take place in Indianapolis.Colts fans have first shot at the tickets and you got to remember,this is the city that loves and worships Peyton Manning and not only do they hate Tom Brady and the patriots,Peytons little brother Eli is playing there so most fans will naturally be rooting for little brother Eli to win especialy since the Giants fan base travels extremely well much better than the patriots fan base does so it will seem like a home game for the giants and a road game for the patriots which is a big edge for the Giants.
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