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The same thing happened here a couple years ago. Almost every Blockbuster was purged from Kansas City within a few months, and they did the same thing: DVDs started at 12.99, then lowered every week: 9.99, 7.99, 5.99, and eventually 3.99.

But what was really annoying was that people were snatching up everything while the prices were still high instead of waiting it out. By the time they got real cheap, everything was picked over, unless you wanted a copy of The Informant or My One and Only - they had a shit ton of those.
I noticed that the other day while I was there.... The handful of people I saw in there, were buying STACKS of these fucking DVD's at that price! I'm like "what the fuck!?" - I don't get it. These fuckers must NEVER shop anywhere but like high-priced retailers or online websites.... How in the fuck are you going to buy like 8 or 10 DVD's at $12.99/each and think you're getting an even REMOTELY good deal?

It was truly fucking mind-boggling!
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