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There will always be a lot of reasons to hate Eli, but there's not really any good reasons to think he's not an elite QB. Is he better right now than his brother, Favre, Brady, etc? No, not right now, but it's no longer inconceivable that he'll get there. And while the team he beat today is a much lesser team than the one he beat 4 years ago, two rings (and two deserved MVPs) are nothing to sneeze at. Is all this a sign of the end of the world? Only time will tell.
One thing I do not understand is why do people forget all the errors elite QBs make. Montana is one of the best QBs ever and he had a lot of bad games too. Peyton really is not very good in the playoffs. Favre has had plenty of bad games with his gunslinger throwing. Brady is great too, but he did not have great playoffs this year or the last 4 years. He has not had a great playoff game since before the first Giant Pat Super Bowl. Eli is not perfect although early in his career, but he is no worse so far than any other great QB.

Rodgers jury is out, but he is on his way to being great. Brees is great, but he is not perfect either.
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