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See that's the thing.... I'll wait for something to happen in baseball... Much rather do that, then watch a buncha 300 lb roid-monsters wearing pads run into each other.
haha, your unabashed hate for football is entertaining.

Don't you think it's impressive when one man can throw a football over 40 yards in the air, and to have it go right past the outstretched fingers of a defender and straight into the arms of a wide receiver without the receiver ever breaking stride? I mean, when you think about the skill and athleticism that takes, you have be at least somewhat impressed, right? THIS is what makes football so entertaining to so many people. People making incredibly athletic plays play after play, while people all around them are the getting the shit beat out of each other. It's like a chess match in the middle of a battlefield. It's so much more than just huge guys running into each other .

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