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Soccer is the most boring sport ever. I do not understand what the rest of the world sees in this last sack sport for little short bitches. I equally do not understand the violence at the games. The name football came about long before the invention of the forward pass.

There is no way that a 1-0 game could ever be considered exciting.

I find it insulting how soccer nerds could find soccer exciting and football boring.

What I hate most about soccer is in America there is no season for soccer. These kids play the stupid sport year round. Pick a season. Soccer is just a sport for the little whimpy kids to play because they were not tough enough to play real american football. Yeah, I said it. David Beckum can suck my right ball! Slide tackle my ass. Yellow card my ass.
Hahaha, this an hilarious soccer rant, and you know what, I pretty much agree 100%!
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