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Past Tense

This week we learn a valuable lesson on NOT playing mysterious unlabeled video tapes. That and make sure the freaky kid you throw down the well is really dead, not mostly. This post we get "The Ring"...

- - -

It was my original intent to cover the exclusive for "The Ring Two", but I ran into a crossover. So you folks get a two-fer this week. And a huge entry too!

- - -

"The Ring"

The motion picture opened on October 18th, 2002 with a budget of $48,000,000 (estimated) and grossed over $128 million during its U.S. theatrical run. The film opened number one at the box office, the following week it dropped to number two.

The feature opened against "The Transporter", "Sweet Home Alabama" and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

The release originally came with a single sheet insert, chapter listing index; the other side a reproduction of the DVD cover.

- - -

There was no exclusive with the initial DVD release; March 4th, 2003. But...

The film was re-released on home video as a '2-Disc Collector's Set' on March 8th, 2005 for $26.99; a tie-in for the then upcoming sequel. This attached the original DVD with a new bonus disc "Rings: The Circle Of Fear Is Growing" (yeah, different name, not as pictured), this was side packed with its own case. It also came with a theater voucher to see "The Ring Two" for free ($10.50 value for one; the window was March 18th to April 3rd, 2005). My ticket is still there, never used it, I'm a collector.

The bonus disc has a run time of 36:15 minutes. The short film (16:40m; exclusively produced for the re-release) tells how Jake Pierce (Ryan Merriman) become... infected with the video. The things that led to him to show Emily (Emily VanCamp) the tape as seen at the start of "The Ring Two". It's written by Ehren Kruger, the co-writer of the sequel (and solo scribe of the first). By the way, Alex Breckenridge (Vanessa) is attractive.

The disc also has both trailers from the films and the cursed videos from both American features and the original Japanese movie. "Cast And Filmmaker Interviews" self-explanatory. The short featurette, "The Origin Of Terror" appears to be an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for the first film. When it was first announced it was to have an additional featurette focused on "Ringu", the original movie that inspired the remake - not there.

- - -

The film was re-re-released on September 9th, 2008 for $14.98. This time out, not with a bonus disc, but a lenticular cardboard slipcover (two images). Above are the cover pictures. This was the first time the DVD received a slipcover. I have this, man I'm anal. Got mine from Best Buy. Anyhow, the same deal happened (on the same day) for "What Lies Beneath", "Event Horizon" and "Tim Burton's Sleep Hollow" - new lenticulars. I have them all - did I not say I'm anal? I have a sick obsession.

- - -

This was an unadvertised freebie. I don't want to say it was an exclusive, though it could've been - "The Ring Two" cell phone charm. The promotional item was given away at Best Buy on March 8th, 2005 (same day as the two disc edition). Price? I don't know, my archive has a brief mention of it; not all Best Buys carried it. I had to look online for more info. The charm came inside a mini-bag, stapled to a postcard, the other side was a mini-poster for the sequel. The same poster shown below.

- - - - - - - - - -


The film disc has an easter egg, "Cursed Video".

"Look Here", press down (cursor disappear) - ENTER.

Clicked, the video will play in its entirety; control over the DVD player is disabled. Once finished, you are returned to the Main Menu then a phone rings twice before you're given control. I didn't expect that my first time, kinda freaked me out for a moment.

- - -

Samara's song repeats at the end credits (final moments). The song she sung before she her mom killed her. It has another verse. Creepy.

- - -

Something I didn't know. Pre-The O.C., Adam Brody (Seth Cohen on the show) has a bit part as one of Katie's friends. Seen at her wake.

- - -

I rewatched the movie for this write-up. Haven't seen it in years; still holds up, not bad for PG-13. Something that didn't register until now. When Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) visits Richard Morgan (Brian Cox) at the former horse ranch. He says to her:
You want to know about the horses... Every now and again a writer comes along, heard about what happened.
How many other people just as resourceful as Rachel came knocking about the tape? It obvious that he knows about the hex. In fact he questions her (with hook in hand), asking if that cassette is the only one. Saying she made a copy probably saved her life that moment.

If you had to make another - this would be a great premake. A prequel to the events (another victim) before Katie (Amber Tamblyn) and her doom high school friends. Such a thing would be a remake at the same time. The best of both worlds. More a second sequel further down.

- - -

Wanna know something odd? Back when the movie came out, there was a ton of action at various message boards. One of the comments was about the ending - Noah's girlfriend, Beth (Pauley Perrette). Why? Near the end, after his death, Rachel leaves Noah's loft in a wreck. She composes herself when she sees Beth in the elevator. But the woman isn't stunned like Becca (Rachael Bella).

Why was she in the elevator? Did she just visit Noah Clay (Martin Henderson) moments before Rachel? If so, then she would've found him dead. Why not fazed? One of the ponders was that she walked in on the killing and became possessed by Samara (Daveigh Chase). The warning that Aidan (David Dorfman) gave his mom, "You weren't supposed to help her." Just one of the mysteries in the movie.

- - -

I really like this quote. This goes into Japanese culture and makes me appreciate, the sequel a bit more.
Samara was killing the horses because they annoyed her. But most importantly because they knew what she really was, that she was a possessing spirit and not human. In Shinto mythology, horses are divine and favored by the gods. In Ring 2, Rachel and Aiden were attacked by deer. In Shinto mythology deer are considered the messengers of the gods. The deer acted in order to protect life and destroy the spirit that was possessing Aiden.
- Kaskait


"The Ring Two"

The motion picture opened on March 18th, 2005 with a budget of $60,000,000 (estimated) and grossed over $76 million during its U.S. theatrical run. The film opened number one at the box office, the following week it dropped to number four.

The feature opened against "Constantine", "Robots" and "Million Dollar Baby".

This release originally came with a cardboard foil slipcover which mirrored the case's wraparound. It also came with a double sided, single sheet advertisement insert. Ads for "The Ring", "Ringu", "Collateral", "In Dreams", "What Lies Beneath", "The Haunting" (1999), "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence: Two-Disc Special Edition", "The Peacemaker", "Minority Report", "The Time Machine" (2002), "House Of Sand And Fog" and "The Contender" DVDs.

- - -

There was one exclusive and it came from Wal-Mart a bonus DVD, side packed in its own case. This set sold for $19.49 on August 23th, 2005. The bonus DVD has a run time of 39:47 minutes.

"Creepiest Moments" - The Scariest Moments From... "The Ring Two", "Rings", "The Ring", "Ringu", "Ringu 2", "Ringu " and "Rasen". What's missing is the scene from the first film, when Samara comes through the TV and attacks Noah. "Ring Two: The Script" a featurette on writing the screenplay for both American films. "Imagination In Focus" short featurette on film director Hideo Nakata. "The Haunting Of The Ring Two" short featurette on bizarre occurrences which plagued the production. Not bad, but somewhat fluffy.

- - - - - - - - - -


Back in 2009 I picked up "Ringu: Anthology Of Terror", a collection of all the Japanese films; "Ringu", "Rasen", "Ringu 2" and "Ringu ". It originally retailed for $59.99, I paid three buck from Wal-Mart part of their annual Halloween sale. An awesome deal. Why mention it? It's among the pile of pending DVDs (titles not officially part of my library), I still have yet to watch. Why? The best answer I can give, 'haven't gotten around to it'. It'll get done - eventually.

In the Spring of 2009, Paramount announced a sequel was coming. Wait for it... wait... "The Ring 3D". Mind blown? The screenplay was/is written by David Loucka. So what happened? I'm gonna say it fell into a well. Since so many films are made for 3D, I'm surprised this hasn't happened yet. As you read above, there are four Japanese movies, so there are ideas to be mined for another installment (plus mine). There you go.

- - - - - - - - - -

Just Because.

Man, Naomi Watts looked pretty hot in those bootie shorts. They cling to the curves, very feminine. *nods*

Artist unknown (does that make it creepier?). That would make such a bad ass, final episode of "The Teletubbies"; little kids worldwide freaking out. All of them like Becca forever afraid of TVs.

- - -

Totally unrelated.

You're welcome!

That song used in the new new Droid Razr TV spot (different colors) is "Turn It Gold (Ido Z Remix)" by Hesta Prynn from the album, "Remixes & B-Sides" (2011). I downloaded the music video (original) - all I can say is sometimes a remix can do a world of good for a song. *nods* The remix is available on iTunes.
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