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I'm surprised there isn't a bigger thread on this show.

I just started watching this and powered through the first season and am well into the second. I've put this show off for the longest time because it didn't seem like it was for me. A drama period piece about ad execs? And something so universally praised kinda turns me off. Not to mention the rather snooty, mustache twirling fanbase it has gathered over 4 seasons. A couple TV hound friends of mine hate this show calling it pretentious and in love with itself. They told me to stick with Breaking Bad.

Well, curiosity got the better of me and I watched the pilot and was instantly hooked. The show is very slow paced, without a doubt. But it has this sort of hypnotizing quality about it. It demands you pay attention. In all reality, many of plot lines can be fluffed off as soap opera nonsense, but the writing and performances ground it in such a realistic and stripped down fashion it overcomes its familiarity and becomes fascinating. Small actions often feel huge. The acting is superb and do I have to mention production detail? Don Draper is by far the most compelling lead character in TV today (right along good old Mr. White) and I can't wait to blast through the rest of the seasons in time to start watching the 5th which is rapidly approaching.
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