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Why does it not deserve all the awards? It's clearly one of the top 5 drama's on television, and deserves any award that it wins. I also do not agree with the comment about being able to jump in at any point. This show has arcs like any other, and while it may seem alot more soap opera-ish than other drama's, I still think it would be unwise to start watching halfway through. It demands time and effort, and those willing to invest in it will be rewarded hansomely.

I love this show so so much. Not only is it well written, well acted and beautiful looking, it's set in an era that fascinates me. I wish that life had tood still in the 60's, it was much simpler back then. This show has huge appeal and those that choose to ignore it are only spiting themselves. I cannot wait for season 5, a two year wait is criminal but atleast they are trying to make up for it with that two hour premier.

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