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Why does it not deserve all the awards? It's clearly one of the top 5 drama's on television, and deserves any award that it wins. I also do not agree with the comment about being able to jump in at any point. This show has arcs like any other, and while it may seem alot more soap opera-ish than other drama's, I still think it would be unwise to start watching halfway through. It demands time and effort, and those willing to invest in it will be rewarded hansomely.
I just feel it's not the best show on Television. Don't get me wrong, I love the show but I feel Breaking Bad or especially Sons of Anarchy deserve more recognition. They're more engaging and creative in the storyline department.

Shows like that I need to be home when a new episode is going to come on. I could miss an episode of Mad Men and be fine with it.

And what arcs do you speak of besides Draper's past? You could easily start watching from Season Four on and know everything that was going on, what happened with him and Betty, could tell the relationship that is between him and Peggy and her past relationship with Pete.

Believe me, I did.
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