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Drapers Past, Betty's mental health problems, Pete & Peggy's affair, The takeover of Sterling Cooper, the breakaway to form SCDP,The characters that were left behind because of that and many other important events that make up this show.

I can understand why you think Sons Of Anarchy deserves more praise, it definitely does. The show has suprised myself and alot of people by having compelling characters and fantastic storylines. When I first started watching the show, I expected for it to entertain me, but I didn't realise that it would have the ability to floor me. Along with Breaking Bad, Mad Men & Boardwalk Empire, it makes up my top four in television. It deserves a hell of alot more credit than it gets.

I don't understand how the Mad Men can bore people, the writing alone is enough to keep you in awe. Add to that the wonderful performances and the gorgeous cinematograph and set design and you have a moving work of art. Obviously people have different opinions on the show, but I never truly got the 'boring' criticism.
I don't find the show "boring" at all but I do find some episodes to be slow paced. Some might argue those are one and the same but to me those are two different terms. If there isn't much going on in the episode, the humor can make up for it.

Honestly, the three best episodes of the series for me are

"The Suitcase"
"Shut the Door, Have a Seat"

And whichever one with the lawnmower scene.
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