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Watched the first episode and LOVED IT!

It is pretty near to watching a live action Tell Em Steve Dave podcast.

Brian Johnson (The bearded dude), I guess if you don't know the relationship between these guys, he may come off as a douche, but that is the way my friends and I are as well. We make fun of each other, because we are close friends and it is funny. That is all that is, that relationship with Ming and Brian.

I wonder if Kevin Smith will be in on the recording every week (And what is that recording, is that a podcast recording, or just a forum for them to sit around and talk within the episode?)

It is funny as hell, having always heard about just how fucking cheap Walt is, but to see it in action.. holy shit!! Is that cheapness or is that a quality business mind! It's insane to watch how just $10 - $15 difference changes a sale!

I look forward to next weeks show (And of course the next Tell Em Steve Dave podcast where they discuss the show). I really hope the numbers are there for this show and it sticks around.

(One thing I don't get, and only a Tell Em Steve Dave fan can clear up for me: I didn't know Ming actually worked at the store, I thought he was just the IT guy for Kevin Smith, creating the websites and all of that... I wonder if I was just mixed up, or if they made him an employee of the show simply for the sake of it?!)
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