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Now that is a great swimsuit 2012

The Kate Upton SI Swimsuit cover was leaked by a gas station in Michigan
Well, the bikini model is out of the bag, it appears. According to several sources, among them, this here is the cover of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which goes on sale Tuesday. It’s Kate Upton, folks. But you’ll never guess how this info was leaked.

TMZ has learned … a few of the issues arrived early to a gas station in Michigan.

A gas station in Michigan! “I’ll have this Slurpee, a package of turkey jerky, and … whoa! SI Swimsuit Issue is here!”

As Dennis Farina said in episode 2 of HBO’s Luck: “Don’t you ever knock this f****** country to me.”

And here’s the billboard in Manhattan, which was supposed to be unveiled tonight during David Letterman’s show. So it looks like the cover is real (and it’s fantastic).
Can't wait til I get my copy. I literally just looked at last year's copy about a month ago. It sat in my bedroom for 10 months. God, I love women and their bodies. Especially the hot ones.
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