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I have a mile-long list of these, but just off the top of my head...

- People who assume you listen to "noise" when you say you like rock.
- Girls at clubs who turn you down for dances. Why the hell are you here then?
- Commercials every six minutes on TV.
- Rebecca Black's "Friday". A sign of the apocalypse.
- Guys who are too in love with their cars.
- Girls who reject you for not having a car. And it has happened to me, by the way.
- Shallow, superficial people in general.
- People who have no conversation topics other than work.
- Girls who start cussing like sailors when they drink
- Being friendzoned
- Movie theaters that run shitty commercials instead of trailers before the film
- Anyone who texts during a movie. Go the fuck home
- People who tell me to shut up when I sing. I like singing. Fuck off.
- People who give you condescending lectures for every single small mistake you make
- Expensive public transport tickets that are only good for two hours
- Racism
- Sappy chick flicks
- People who assume that all heavy metal is satanic
- Sudden unexplainable headaches
- Clubbing. Not being able to hear anything and feeling permanently uncomfortable is not my idea of fun
- Any kind of humiliation
- Loneliness
- Expensive drinks
- Douchebags who think they're God's gift to women
- People who can't find my country on a map
- Anyone who gives me shit about my speaking English with an American accent
- Politicians
- People who are obsessed with their damn cell phones and won't stop playing with them even when talking to you
- Coldplay. Or as I call it, "music without balls".

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