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[*] People who never shut the fuck up. Those who ramble on endlessly.
I just found that one to be a bit comical, considering the length of your list!! (Not poking fun at you at all, but seeing that listed and the fact that it was 3rd of like 50 was pretty comical)!

My biggest one is people that don't use their blinkers.

2nd is any wannabe gangster, whether they are white, black, asian, mexican.. any race.

People that don't put the divider up at the check out for the next person.

People that watch Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, any Housewife show (Reality, not Desperate), Toddlers & Tiaras... basically any reality show that isnt a competition show (Like Survivor or Hells Kitchen... shows like that) and just showcases supremely untalented people who deserve to be in jail, not on TV. (And It is the People that watch these shows that annoy me, because anyone would be on TV if they could, for that money... but it's the people that watch the crap that perpetuate their fame)

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