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Hollywood is not only ruining classic movies these days with pathetic remakes but they are NOW ruining classic tv shows as well.
How old are you 12? Remakes of TV shows have been done for ages. It's not just NOW. There have been several attempts over several decades to continue the Knight rider franchise. That started 20 years ago. So please stop whining that it's only NOW your favorite TV show is being remade.

I know it's hard not to see Batman as a fat dude in grey leotards with eyebrows drawn on his mask but man it's not the 60's anymore. You can't have Adam West play Batman forever you know. I agree it sucks big time that the new movies and animated shows don't have the pivotal POW, WHAM and ZAPP every time someone gets punched, but I learned to live with it. Times change. Let the kids from 2012 enjoy their own Batman and not the Batman from 50 years ago.
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